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HP Data Protector (DP), previously called Omniback, is a backup and recovery tool that can be integrated into RMAN to backup Oracle databases.

RMAN Integration[edit]

When allocating a channel, you need to specify values for the following sbt_tape parameters:

  • OB2BARTYPE - set to Oracle8
  • OB2APPNAME - set to the $ORACLE_SID
  • OB2BARHOSTNAME - server where backup was taken (if you restore to a different server)
  • OB2BARLSIT - the DP backup spec


allocate channel 'dev_1' type 'sbt_tape' parms 'ENV=(OB2BARTYPE=Oracle8,OB2APPNAME=db_name,OB2BARHOSTNAME=backup_server,OB2BARLSIT=client,OB2DMAP=12)';
allocate channel 'dev_2' type 'sbt_tape' parms 'ENV=(OB2BARTYPE=Oracle8,OB2APPNAME=db_name,OB2BARHOSTNAME=backup_server,OB2BARLSIT=client,OB2DMAP=12)';

These parameters can also be set as environment variables.

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