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All articles should belong to at least one category.

Adding an article to a category[edit]

To add an article to a category:

  1. Review existing categories to find whether there's an appropriate category already defined. You can either:
  2. If there isn't one, decide on an appropriate category name based on what already exists.
    Note that category titles are generally plural, while article titles are often singular.
  3. At the end of your article, add the following:
    [[Category:Your chosen category]]
    Note: Articles (and categories) can be in as many categories as needed. For example:
    [[Category:Your chosen category]] [[Category:Another category]]
  4. Save your article.
  5. If you chose a nonexistent category, the category link at the bottom of the article shows up in red, and then you must tie the category into the hierarchy as described in the next section.

Adding a new category to the category tree[edit]

To add a new category:

  1. Check existing categories to find an appropriate parent category (as described above).
  2. Click the link of a nonexistent category (as described above).
    This displays the Editing Category:your category name page.
  3. Type a brief description of what kinds of articles will be in this category; for example:
    This is a collection of articles about conformance testing.
  4. Add this template reference:
    (This displays instructions on how to add more articles to this category.)
  5. At the end, add the following:
    [[Category:Your chosen parent category]]
    Note: Categories can be in as many categories as needed. For example:
    [[Category:Your chosen parent category]][[Category:Another parent category]]
  6. Save.