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A Wiki link is an easily formatted link to other articles within the wiki or external to the wiki site.


You can either use the name of an article as a link, or you can pipe the link so that text appears that is different from the article's title. Links to external sites are formatted - and appear slightly differently.

Main namespace articles[edit]

Link format Looks like
Basic link to article title (see capitalization info below).
Plurals and other suffixes adjacent to the link display as part of the link.
Adjacent suffixes display as part of the link, but not prefixes.
Piping: Display the text after the vertical bar as the link text.
[[wiki|some wiki software]]
some wiki software

Other namespace articles[edit]

Link format Looks like
Full namespace title displayed as link.
[[Help:Adding an article]]
Help:Adding an article
Shortcut to suppress namespace when displaying link.
[[Help:Adding an article|]]
Adding a new article

Subheadings within articles[edit]

Link format Looks like
Use HTML notation for a named link within a document; the subheading of the article is the link. (You do not need to encode spaces or special characters.)
[[Oracle database#Currently supported versions]]
Oracle database#Currently supported versions


Link format Looks like
URL displayed as link ("external link" icon appears automatically for all URL links).
URL displayed as automatically incremented number; particularly useful for references within an article.
Text following URL displayed as link.
[ OraFAQ web site]
OraFAQ web site


The wiki software is somewhat sensitive to capitalization:

  • To make it easier to use article titles in sentences, the first character of a title is not case sensitive; for example, wiki and Wiki go to the same article; so do Oracle and oracle.
  • The rest of the letters are case sensitive. For example, Oracle and ORACLE do not go to the same article; neither do SQL and sql.