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Before creating a new article, please consider the following rules for naming articles:

Things to consider when naming articles[edit]

  • Use simple nouns, names, or phrases that would work well in a sentence.
  • Use singular, not plural, if at all possible. (This wiki's linking can add plurals easily in most cases but not subtract them.)
  • Use words in the titles that people are likely to search for and that you can use easily in sentences within other articles.
  • Be specific, the title should describe what's in the article.
  • Avoid gratuitious punctuation and special characters, but use when needed.

Examples of good article titles[edit]

  • SQL*Plus: This article describes SQL*Plus and you can also just link to it in any sentence about SQL*Plus. For example:
    "Execute the following command from SQL*Plus ...".
  • naming wiki articles: states clearly what it's about and is spelled & phrased so that it can be used in a sentence:
    "Before creating articles here, read more about naming wiki articles."

Examples of bad article titles[edit]

To stimulate your thoughts further[edit]