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The standard article layout for this wiki includes the following:

  • An introductory sentence or paragraph before any heading.
  • The topic of the article in bold within the first sentence if at all possible (it can be a paraphrase).
  • Article headings starting at level 2 (two equal signs on either side), as the article's title is level 1.
  • As needed, the following sections at the end:
    • See also, containing links to other relevant wiki articles
    • External links, containing links to relevant info outside this wiki
  • One or more category links at the end. For instructions, see Help:Adding an article to a category.


Here's the wiki markup for a sample article, titled "Sample article":

This '''sample article''' discusses sample things and shows sample markup.

==First section==
This is the first section in the article.

==Second section==
This is the second section.

==See also==
* [[Help:Naming an article]]

==External links==
* [ Khronos home page]


See also[edit]